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For the product: MONSOON™ GEARSLINGER®

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"Get one."

Matt White on 3/12/2011 2:54:58 PM

Comments: Excellent from top to bottom. These guys have their sht squared away. Fast delivery, and product delivers as promised. For a grab and go application, this bag is sized well, holds plenty of gear, and is built like a sherman tank. Best feature; you can keep it on and never miss a beat, just keep moving. Nice work guys, well done.

"The everything bag"

Paden on 3/2/2011 1:22:17 PM

Comments: I got the monsoon to serve as my do everything bag and thats what it does flawlessly. EDC'ing it in my truck, hiking, hunting, or just going somewhere it keeps all my stuff neat, secure, and readily accessible. the CCW compartment is a great feature and allows you to put a full sized pistol at any angle for fast deployment; and it keeps that big pistol out of the sheeples' sight on the hiking trails. I love how modular the bag is there is plenty of space for more pouches and organization as well as hidden pockets. There is nothing that disappoints me about this pack.


Alfred McKinley III on 2/25/2011 8:51:41 AM

Comments: I am a Native American Male. I have about a 53' chest. Built like a tree stump basically. I was worried about Monsoon being tight across my chest. I bought a Janus pouch to interlock with Monsoon for a bigger fit. No need to. If you are big or small the pack will fit great. I recommend the Janus anyways. Great pack and pouch combo!

"Versatile bag"

Dan Robbins on 2/2/2011 9:41:21 PM

Comments: I pre-ordered one of these when they first came out and wasn't disappointed. It was my first Maxpedition purchase, and I ended up buying a Rat wallet for the belt, and a (discontinued) pouch that was a Barnacle next to a sheath. I put that one on the side opposite the water bottle. If I had a criticism it would be that, the modularity is addicting! You'll probably end up with a few different Maxpedition pouches because they work so well together. I found it essential to have more small/mid size item storage for the bag. It doesn't have a lot of mid size compartments, though the belt zip pouch is great for your wallet, and there is a nice zipper pouch on the inside. The concealed hydration pocket is very handy. The water bottle holder is one of the main reasons I got the bag (and the waiststrapit REALLY takes the weight off my shoulder). I added a camera pouch to the front strap and it is so comfortable taking it out in that position. I have hiked for 5-6 hours and not felt any soreness. Also, the compression strap system and front flap is ingenious. Carrying a Frisbee is essential to me so this works perfectly secured this way. You can still fit the jacket, and yet attach a pocket to the flap as well. You can have so many different load outs with this pack. I stuff oranges, water and heavy stuff inside the inner slip pocket. These weighty items end up riding perfectly on the small of my back, aided by the waistbelt which I wear snugly. The bag is very comfortable, though I have to tighten the shoulder strap nearly all the way. I use the waistbelt almost all the time, as there's usually more than a few pounds of gear, water, and food inside. When there aren't a lot of items inside I can cinch it down very small and tuck the waistbelt away. It looks spectacular. I got the black and I love it. I can even take it on business. I just bought an FR-1 for the inside and relocated the Rat to the FR-1. The Rat ended up getting in the way of my left arm when it was attached to the waistbelt. The Monsoon does not hold rectangular items as well as some other bags, but I found a Saunders slim case/clipboard that fits great and holds my essential music papers. You can stuff a surprising amount of gear in here with ease, and the teardrop shape drops the weight into the small of your back. When you need something, just loosen the shoulder strap and swing it around. It is an amazing design IMHO.

"Very durable!"

Merk on 2/1/2011 5:50:36 PM

Comments: I have been using this as a school bag for a year now, and it has seen a lot of abuse(including getting thrown down a flight of stairs TWICE)and there is no damage at all. The bag looks awesome and is very comfortable!

"Awesome Pack"

Ron Davis on 1/13/2011 4:31:41 PM

Comments: I carry this pack to work everyday.It keeps my dayplanner and my GPS. It keeps everything dry and very easy to get to.


Jeff on 1/11/2011 1:37:55 PM

Comments: Incredible bag, the best I ever seen. Very reliable, usefull, confortable and... gorgeous !

"Amazing Bag"

Frederick on 1/10/2011 6:17:50 AM

Comments: The Monsoon Gearslinger is the most durable bag that I have ever owned. It has lasted through hiking trips, cross country plane rides, everyday use to the local university and even as a makeshift diaper bag when I had to take my toddler with me on trips. Its flexible enough to hold everything securely. It will not be my last purchase from Maxpedition since I am now looking for at the messenger bags to carry my oversized laptop.

"thank you"

Joseph Kramer on 1/6/2011 11:58:56 PM

Comments: This is a thank you for the reviewers. I was looking to see if it could carry my 13" laptop and a reviewer mentioned 14" to 16". THANK YOU. I think the web site should mention itself the largest rectangular item it could hold but the reviewer came through!

"THE Bag"

Ryan on 12/10/2010 6:12:53 PM

Comments: I've had my Monsoon Gearslinger for well over a year and I freakin' love this bag! Not only is it my EDC bag, but it's gone with me from the Arizona desert to the Colorado mountains to the deer woods of Kansas and every place in between. It's great for outdoor excursions, but it's also wonderful to just pack water and an extra jacket and a book or two to the doctor's office or something. And it's so nice to be able to tuck my full size XDm .40S&W in there and be very well armed in plain site even if I'm wearing basketball shorts and a tee. Plus, Jack Bauer wore a black one in "24". How cool is that?!


Dan on 12/8/2010 5:19:41 PM

Comments: This is my second Max product and it is amazing. All I can say is when you get this pack you will be playing around with it for hours just learning about it and figuring out all the different applications it can be used for. It will take me awhile to get used to where all the little pockets and spots are to put things. And there is a ton of room in the main compartment. Great job Maxpedition, this will not be my last purchase.

"Great Product"

Bill McKenzie on 11/26/2010 6:07:42 AM

Comments: Just got mine, Well made, lots of storage, Quick easy access. I'm about to order the Janus pouch that looks like a great accessory to the pack ! I highly recommend this product to anyone.

"Good day to day bag, GREAT concealed carry bag."

Brock on 11/14/2010 8:20:30 PM

Comments: I bought this bag with concealed carry in mind. I am a 5 year US Army Airborne Infantry veteran and I have used everything from the cheapest general issue garbage to the most expensive high quality tactical gear. I was very impressed with the general quality of material in this bag. I've been using it for months as a school/gym bag and it still looks brand new. Now that I'm a civilian I wanted a bag that safely and securely let me concealed carry unnoticed. This is the only bag I've ever had that allows you to quickly access a pistol without out taking the bag off your back. If you're right handed you just reach to the small of your back, slide the zipper up slightly, and draw. The other great thing about this bag is that your pistol isn't obvious in the bag and going into the main compartment in the bag won't expose you're pistol. Wouldn't recommend it as a field bag though. I have just enough room to use it for the gym or school and the inside is set up like a school bag to hold pencils and keys and stuff like that.

"This bag will outlive me"

Tobias on 10/21/2010 5:13:25 PM

Comments: I've had many bags in my life and most of them didn't last very long. This is one bag that I'm sure will live longer than myself. It's amazingly high quality. The gearslinger series is perfect for us on the road who simply don't want to slow down, just flip it over and you can easily get access to everything you need.

"Brilliant bag indeed."

AntoineCool on 10/13/2010 10:05:22 PM

Comments: I have used this on for five months now and only thing I can complain about is the lenght of the shoulder strap, since comes quite unpleasant for slim person like me. Well, I had the strap shortened and now it rides up and works perfectly. I've also bought a few modular pouches to my bag, not because of the volume since 1600 cu. in is quite enough for EDC-college and gymbag, but because of an urge to organize my first aid supplies. Overall, this bag is a great platform for EDC- use. Easier to get out of the way than normal backpacks and still holds enough capacity to carry various necessary items. Yes indeed, I'd recommend this one!

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