Adventure and Comfort

The Creative Team at Maxpedition designed the Adventure Travel Bags, the IRONSTORM™ and  IRONCLOUD™, with comfort in mind. Most people, including the Maxpedition Design Team, travel enough times during the year and crave a reliable bag which can keep all of their belongings safe and organized during the voyage.

Whether you are flying out of town for a while or going on weekend camping trip, the IRONSTORM and IRONCLOUD are the only bags you will need! 

The IRONSTORM and IRONCLOUD don't differ much in functionality except for size.  The IRONSTORM is larger and recommended for longer trips, whereas the IRONCLOUD is more of a weekender bag which will leave you surprised by how much you can fit inside.  Both bags were designed to fit your body comfortably. 

The Adventure Travel Bags can be carried in three different orientations based on your preference: carry it by the side handle, by the shoulder strap, or simply by the backpack straps (which can also be stowed when not in use). The IRONCLOUD is carry-on friendly by most airlines standards, and the IRONSTORM can be used when checking your luggage. 

One of our favorite features is the padded compartment dedicated to laptops (up to 15") and tablets. Instead of carrying both a laptop bag and luggage around, the Adventure Travel Bags make it simple to pack everything safely in one bag and keeps you hands-free.

So grab your favorite Adventure Travel Bag and explore!

Make sure to also get the PCLPCM, and PCS Packing Cubes to keep the inside of your Adventure Travel Bags neatly organized.  




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