Anti-Theft Zipper System

Secured cinch cord interactswith paracord zipper-pulls to prevent unwanted opening and access (See #0431 Sitka™ Gearslinger®).

Bug Out Bag

Last minute survival bag, stocked with emergency essentials.


Zipper-capture strap made from 0.75” nylon webbing folds and snaps over paracord zipper-pulls to help deter theft (See #0513 Falcon-II™ Backpack).

CCW Compartment

Easy to access rear compartment for storing Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) designed with loop lining to engage with Maxpedition® holsters.

Cinch Cord

Strong paracord pulls to tighten fitted pockets and secure content, also loops through PALS webbing to hold light essentials.

Compression Straps

Takes the stress off of zippers.


Durable D-shaped hardware for attaching shoulder straps, keys and other light essentials.


Unit for measuring the thickness/weight of a thinly spun fiber, indicates durability and fineness of fiber filaments and yarns.


Popular acronym, referring to Every Day Carry bags and accessories (See #9845 Jumbo E.D.C. Versipack®)

Elastic Organization

High tensile strength elastic nylon webbing, durably stitched into channels to hold and index various pieces of gear.

Ergonomically Designed

Scientifically designed to eliminate discomfort and reduce fatigue.


Good To Go (See #9855 Fatboy G.T.G.™ Versipack®)


Durable fastening method, featuring opposing nylon surfaces that bind temporarily and tear apart when necessary. Used for adding a variety of quick-access pockets and accessories to your Maxpedition® bag.

Hydration Compartment

Integral rear compartment, stores 50oz - 100oz hydration reservoir (See #0512 Condor-II™ Backpack).


Keep It Simple Stupid (See #9849 Jumbo K.I.S.S.™Versipack®)


Key retention system with alloy snap-hook


Law Enforcement Officer (See #9846 Jumbo L.E.O.™Versipack®)

Modularization (Interior & Exterior)

Maxpedition® offers a wide variety of attachable pockets and accessories to enhance the interior and exterior of your bag.

PALS Modular Webbing

High tensile strength nylon webbing used to attach smaller equipment onto load bearing platforms, such as vests and backpacks.


General-purpose utility cord made from lightweight nylon, used by both military personnel and civilians.

Quick Release Buckle

Sturdy molded Duraflex® buckle with push-in side access for immediate one-handed release, even while wearing gloves.

Retention Straps

Adjustable nylon straps that fasten to secure gear and prevent spillage.

Storm Collar

Interior water-resistant collar cinches at lid to help keep contents dry


Mirrored design for left-side carry (See Versipack® and Gearslinger®)

Tactical Shoulder Sling

Removable ambidextrous shoulder strap, transitions from 1” nylon webbing to 2” at shoulder with removable 2” shoulder pad and multiple PALS attachment points.

TacTie® Attachment Straps

Secure 3” & 5” attachment straps that easily interlock with any PALS webbing surface for adding a variety of external pouches and panels to the exterior of your Maxpedition® bag.

Teflon® Fabric Protector

Fabric protector from DuPont® used on all Maxpedition® bags to provide long-lasting protection against oil and water-based stains, dust and dry soil. Fabrics are easier to care for without impacting color, feel or breathability.

Triple Polyurethane Coating

Used on all Maxpedition® bags to help keep exterior water-resistant.

Y-Compression Strap

Adjustable and removable Y shaped strap with 1” quick release center buckle, pulls tightly to compress bag contents.

YKK® Zippers

Renowned self-repairing industrial strength zippers designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions.