CCW Bags Are Not Created Equal

Are you a light packer, with a job that doesn't require you to carry a lot of stuff around? Or are you a jam-it-all packer with a demanding schedule, and therefore need all your essentials on hand? Perhaps, you’re a minimalist that only needs a wallet, keys, and a snack to conquer the day! Whatever your lifestyle may be, Maxpedition has the right bag for you.

One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a concealed carry cross body bag. Maxpedition designed the WOLFSPUR, the VELDSPAR™,  and the LOCHSPYR Cross Body Shoulder Bags with concealed carry optimization and comfort in mind. With three great choices, you may be thinking which bag should you invest in and which one suits your needs best? 

Let’s take a closer look at the WOLFSPUR™, VELDSPAR™,  LOCHSPYR™ and find which one is right for you. 

Aesthetics aside, and although these bags were all constructed with CCW in mind, they were not created equal. 

The WOLFSPUR™  (11 L) is larger than the VELDSPAR™ ( 8 L) and LOCHSPYR™ (5.5 L), and has an EVA frontal pocket to protect fragile items such as sunglasses or phones, which Maxpedition designer David really likes. Some people prefer the softness and feel of fabric, so we chose to forgo the EVA pocket on the VELDSPAR™ and LOCHSPYR™, and opted for an admin frontal pocket with an elastic organizer on the inside. 

The packs all share a few similarities and functionalities, like accessibility by a quick swing to the front, an expandable bottle pocket which fits up to a 32oz bottle (except for the LOCHSPYR™), main compartment with tablet sleeve, ATLAS™, Positive Grip Zipper Pulls, a comfortable grab handle and adjustable reinforced seatbelt webbing shoulder straps with shoulder padding. They are all made from the same durable material, 1000-Denier plain weave and 500-Denier Hex Ripstop, both being light-weight nylon fabrics that are water and abrasion resistant. 

The three packs were designed with comfort in mind. The WOLFSPUR™ has an asymmetric design in order to hug the user’s body. Although not originally designed as ambidextrous, the WOLFSPUR™ accommodates to left-handed users and some lefties even find it easier to draw their gun when doing so in a diagonal position. The CCW pocket can fit a full size or compact pistol. This pack is equipped with ATLAS on the front and side pocket in order to attach pouches and organizers, and essentially carry more items. There is also a small pocket near the strap, which is also easy to access and can carry essentials when traveling or for everyday use such as ID, earbuds, or money.  

The VELDSPAR™ is shaped in a symmetrical design with asymmetrical pocket configurations, so it will fit the body comfortably when carried by both left and right handed users. It was designed in a more compact manner, so it is easier to get around in small spaces and caters to users who carry less gear. While the WOLFSPUR™ has a side pocket with ATLAS, the VELDSPAR™ was created with a right zipper pocket to fit small items. There is ATLAS on the frontal pocket, but designed to fit a small pouch such as the PLP™ iPhone Plus Pouch or MRZ™ Mini Organizer. 

The LOCHSPYR™ has a symmetrical main bag, but the shoulder strap configuration is asymmetrical to cater to left and right handed users. Since the LOCHSPYR™ was designed for minimalists, we did not add an Expandable Bottle Pocket. Instead we added ATLAS on the side pockets to give users the choice to add an PLP™ iPhone Plus Pouch or a SES™ Single Sheath Pouch. 

All three bags are strong, durable, functional and can be used in any urban or outdoor mission. Are you a minimalist, lighter, or a must-have everything with me carrier? Let us know which cross body shoulder bag fits your lifestyle. 



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