Welcome to a compilation of Maxpedition® knife reviews! Our products have been tested by knife lovers and survivalists, who put Maxpedition knives through their paces and give honest reviews. 

This first video comes from Cutlerylover, a YouTube-based reviewer with a following of over 447,000 subscribers (as of 11/20/17). In this review, Cutlerylover shares his thoughts on the Excelsa™ Large and Excelsa™ Small Framelock Folding Knives.

Continuing with the Excelsa™ Large, here is a review by YouTube channel Equip 2 Endure (108,000+ subscribers). 
The next review is from WeAllJuggleKnives (WAJK), a YouTube channel focused on knives with over 93,000 subscribers. In this video, WAJK reviews the Large Fishbelly Fixed Blade Knife. 
In conclusion, we would like to share a couple of educational videos that have been produced in-house by Maxpedition. This first is a breakdown of the line of Fixed Blade Knives, followed by additional information on the Excelsa Framelock Folding Knives.
Thank you for taking the time to watch the knife reviews. Check back often for new posts written by professionals out in the field.