The future of Tactical

Launched in 2016 and further expanded in 2017, the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) product line is the physical embodiment of Maxpedition's cutting-edge research and development. While the Maxpedition brand DNA of uncompromising durability is preserved, modernized aesthetics and a broadened palette of custom components elevate Maxpedition equipment to a new level of quality and innovation.





YKK® Zippers with Positive Grip Zipper Pulls

Duraflex® Xlite® Anti-Break Buckles

Dual Nylon Fabric Construction 500D Hex Ripstop / 1000D

Skin Friendly Nylon Seatbelt Webbing

Reinforced Yoke Backpack Straps

ATtachment LAttice System-ATLAS™ Laser cut from 840D Nylon-TPU Composite

Laser Cut TPU-840D Nylon Composite Attachment Backing

Bi-Level High Grade 3D Air Mesh Backing


radio_button_checked Features


Ergonomic quick release yoke-style straps

Yoke-style straps make for a more ergonomic and comfortable fit. Put on the pack and pull the adjustment straps down at about a 30 degree angle downwards. The hip belt will then rise on your body. As soon as the center of the waist belt is level with your hipbones (or in a comfortable position), stop pulling the adjustment straps and buckle the hip belt.


Custom fabricated Shapeshift™ webbing handle

This specially developed narrow fabric transitions seamlessly between flat to round cross sections. Flat webbing may be abrasive on hands, so the rounder Shapeshift™ webbing makes the pack more comfortable to hand carry.


Quadruple side compression

Quadruple side compression straps with quick release buckles aid in compressing and stabilizing the load for optimal carry. Another important function of side compression is to take the strain off the zippers, lowering the chance of the zippers bursting. To adjust, hold the buckle, pull the webbing strap, and cinch it to compress. Use the elastic loops to keep excess strap webbing from hanging loose.


Padded valuable / sunglass pocket

This pocket is ideal for storing sunglasses, electronics, and valuables that you do not want to get scratched or broken. A Gossamer™ mesh pocket is also included for additional organization.


CCW compartment with Double Security Closure

Since the back of the pack has dual side access, a Security Lockout Strip is included. To secure the zipper that is not being used, open that zipper fully. Place the Lockout Strip face down on the loop lining, as close to the zipper track as possible. Using both hands, compress the compartment so the Security Lockout Strip is attached to both sides of the loop lining. Close the zipper and that opening is now fully secure and the compartment can only be accessed from one side. This extra security measure also prevents items from accidentally breaching the zipper and falling out of the pack.


Positive grip Zipper pulls

Positive grip zipper pulls are designed to fit a finger in order to get a better grip when opening/closing zippers. They also allow you to grab them from any direction and get a positive grip.


Attachment Lattice System - ATLAS™

ATLAS™ panels, which are cut from an ultra-tough 840-Denier Nylon-TPU composite, can be used for easy attachment of MOLLE-compatible pouches. The composite material is resistant to water, weather, heat, cold, UV and abrasion.


Stowable padded waist belt

The padded waist belt can be stowed away if you prefer not to use it. To stow the waist belt, unhook the belt buckle and fold in each side of the belt. Tuck the belt flaps and webbing into the enclosed area until all components are securely stored.


Dual Nylon Fabric Construction

500D Hex Ripstop / 1000D Plainweave