Now that you have found your ideal Maxpedition bag or pack, enhance it with high-quality modular pouches for customized organization. With a huge selection of useful add-ons available, you may choose a tag from above to easily refine your search.

CAP Compact Admin Pouch -Maxpedition-Military, CCW, EDC, Tactical, Everyday Carry, Outdoors, Nature, Hiking, Camping, Police Officer, EMT, Firefighter,Bushcraft, Gear
Monkey Combat Admin Pouch
TC-1 POUCH - MAXPEDITION, CCW, Outdoors, Pouch, Police Gear, Tactical, EMT, EDC
TC-1 Pouch $27.99
TC-2 Pouch
TC-2 Pouch $29.99
TC-3 POUCH - MAXPEDITION, CCW, EDC, Everyday Carry, Organizer, Police Gear, Firefighter, Tactical Gear, Officer
TC-3 Pouch $32.99