The ultimate goal of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence. Products listed in this section have passed rigorous trials by at least 3 active duty officers in real-world operational situations and have, therefore, been awarded the NTOA Member Tested and Recommended rating.

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Riftcore™ v2.0 CCW-Enabled Backpack 23L (CLOSEOUT SALE. FINAL SALE.)
LITHVORE - MAXPEDITION, Military, CCW, EDC, Everyday Carry, Outdoors, Nature, Hiking, Camping, Police Officer, EMT, Firefighter, Bushcraft, Gear, Travel
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Entity 21™ CCW-Enabled EDC Backpack 21L (40% Off Entity. All Sales are Final)
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Entity 16™ CCW-Enabled EDC Sling Pack 16L (40% Off Entity. All Sales are Final)
Falcon-II Backpack 23L
Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack 18L
Sitka Gearslinger
Remora Gearslinger- MAXPEDITION, Backpack, EDC, Tactical, CCW, Outdoors, Ambidextrous,Hiking, Travel , Pack, Adventure